Thursday, August 7, 2014

a surprise visitor who changes everything

This morning has been really rough... on me... which is really silly considering I am so completely disgusted with the fact that my thoughts are most always and only concerned with my own wants and needs.
My friend's little boy was murdered yesterday and an entire community is grieving this loss; a man whom I loved like my own grandfather lost his life to cancer last Sunday, and an entire community is grieving that loss, I mourn the loss of the relationship I was involved in for over 2 years which ended a month ago, and most of our two families are also grieving this loss; I worry about the state of the nation, I feel regret for all of my loved ones I do not speak to daily, I am reminded of just about every pain I have ever felt... because I am selfish at my absolute core.
Maybe we all are, but this is clearly all about me.

So there I was, sitting on the curb talking on my phone to a friend, trying to give some experience, strength, and hope, praying for a way to start this day over, and a little kid comes riding by on his bicycle. A little kid with no shoes, and a big smile. He passes by once, and then [surprisingly] cuts a big circle and just pulls his bike up to where I am sitting. I'm a little put out. [I'm obviously on the phone, here, kid.]
But he just says to me, "Oh, you can go ahead and finish that call. It's ok, I'll wait."
Confused, and intrigued, I do just that. I tell my friend that some little human has suddenly appeared and that he obviously wants something from me... meanwhile this little bugger is putting up his kickstand and dismounting from his bicycle.
"Hi!" he says... "I just stopped by to say 'Hi'".
And he then proceeds to tell me all about his summer, and his dad's heart condition, and how his birthday is in 5 days, and how he really wants a surprise party like last year, but he's just trying to forget about that not to get his hopes up... and he just keeps talking...
So I ask him...
"What would you do if you had a friend who was sad and needed some cheering up?"
He says, "Well I am alone a lot, so I pretend imagination in my head. And I do this: [an adorable mixture of martial arts movements and sound effects]".
I immediately put out my hand to introduce myself to this wonderful child, and I find out his name is Sebastian, and he is 8 years old. And in this moment, he changed my whole world...

I stepped into the present moment. I had a conversation with an amazing little kid, and I felt grateful. I was praying for relief, and God brought Sebastian to my door to show me how it could be today. And so here I sit, still cognizant of all the loss that surrounds me, but so so so so grateful for what I DO have, and who I get to meet along the way...

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