Sunday, August 26, 2012

Where am I?

Does anybody remember this place? I used to go here all the time with my family when we kids were younger. I remember that mound felt SO tall and those stairs seemed to reach as high as a mountain top! I think it's so strange how memories build and are re-made through the years if you stay in your home town. I see places everyday that I've been watching change my whole life. And I guess we, as people, change too. I remember the last time my whole family was together at this place...

It was the Spring of '99. My sister and I were 17, and my little brother 11. My father obtained a day pass for me from the adolescent substance abuse treatment facility I attended, and my sister was 8 months pregnant. I usually sarcastically joke about how my family raises "winners" at this point in my story. But I remember chasing my little brother up those stairs, thinking how short the rise of each step felt, and reaching the top before my attention span expired. I remember thinking about my soon-to-be nephew and how much life seemed to be changing at that moment. And I remember my family as we were on that day.

What are your memories of [here]?

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  1. This is a few blocks from my house from 3rd grade through high school. I've been there during sadness, OK-ness, and happiness.