Tuesday, August 28, 2012

9am. No, not now.

Today I randomly met my best friend for a conversation in a parking lot around 9am. Surprisingly, this is not all that unusual for the two of us.

We talked about my first day of my last day of undergrad, which is today. Hooray. I went back to school 3 years ago simply because my whole life fell apart, I had no money (thank you Recession 2008-2000ever), and I didn't really want to keep working as hard as I was at a job I no longer enjoyed. But this wasn't something I planned to do. Going to college seemed, to me, the easiest route to take. I never struggled academically (just socially, emotionally, and chemically!), and I knew I could excel if I just went back and gave it the ol' college try.

We talked about this journey of self discovery through education and postsecondary learning and my best friend told me the story of 'Ms. Judy:' a family friend when my friend was a child, a woman born with severe dyslexia who struggled her entire life through school, a graduate of college after over 12 consecutive years of taking classes, re-taking classes, and learning to learn despite her disability, and, now, an elementary school teacher with empathy, hope, and experience to share with children in her classroom.

I love that. And I'm pretty sure I'd love 'Ms. Judy' too. I'm really grateful that learning has never been a challenge for me... because other areas of life have never come anywhere close to easy... so it's a balance thing... and a reminder to always, ALWAYS, stay grateful :)

... and work hard.

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